About Me

Mommy Sherri is the no taboo playmate of your dreams! I’m an experienced older woman who enjoys exploring all aspects of life including fetishes, fantasies and all the sexually deviant thoughts that emerge in your horny mind. There are no topics off limits when you call me. There is no need to hold back either. I want you to get naked and get ready to CUM!

If incest phone sex is something that makes your balls tingle and cock hard then I am going to rock your socks off. I am a product of incest so I can share some of my real life experiences with you during our time together. If you’re craving your sweet innocent daughter I can help you with that. If you want to play the role of an innocent young boy being taught about sex and how to please a woman I can help you with that too. Anything and everything about incest sex is a turn on for me. If it is to you as well, then we are going to have a ton of fun together.
Mommy phone sex fantasies are incredibly fun for me because I am a mother in real life. I love using my nurturing ways to teach young boys and girls all about their bodies, sex and orgasms. One of my favorite fantasies is when I give you (my son) a bedtime bath. I always get naked when it’s bath time because I don’t want you to feel uncomfortable being the only naked one. I’ve taken this fantasy in many directions with different callers! So if you are wanting a MOMMY fantasy, then you should call and explore with me.

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