About Me

I’m Rebel & I love doing everything I am told not to. I don’t follow the rules and I don’t have to. I guess you can tell I get away with everything. My daddy’s make sure of that. That’s right Daddy’s. I am 100% a daddy’s girl. And daddy makes sure I get everything I want. I have one daddy who pays all my bills. He sneaks over once a week to tell me what a naughty girl I am and spank my bottom. I have one daddy who buys all my pretty little things I want to wear. I try each and everything on for him. And he is the first one to get to take them off of me. And of course I have one daddy who gets me out of trouble if I ever get in it. I love going down to his law office downtown. He has such a big desk. And he love to bend me over that big desk and show me the long arm of the law. A girl like me needs to keep my options open. Its not my fault that I have a mouth longing to be wrapped around a hard dick. Or that my sweet young pussy really needs to be filled. Or that I have a tight little ass you will barely be able to squeeze into. So many options for you to choose from. Are you looking for a little Rebel in your life?

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