About Me

Hi, my name is Raine, Ever since I was small, I loved being Daddy’s little girl. At night he would tuck me in and I’d love it, and I’d cry to try and make him stay longer. I never wanted him to leave, and the older I got, I saw that he didn’t want to leave either. I would catch him staring at me all the time especially when I was wearing little shorts or tiny skirts. Most daddy’s wouldn’t want their little girls to wear clothes like that but he was always buying me tiny little outfits saying he wanted me to wear them. I knew he’d wanted more so one day I went for it. I took my shirt off and his tongue was instantly all over me. He started to suck and lick my nippys and I was the happiest girl in the world. I think he thought he was the best Dad in the world as well. Sometimes we still re-enact that night and giggle till we cum. If you’re into phone sex half as much as I am, we can have a great time just like my Dad and I do. I can pretend to be your little girl, or your little side dish that your wife has no clue about.

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