About Me

Once not too long ago my boys lived with their Mommy and we were the closest, Unfortunately, they’re all grown up now and have moved out of the house. Now I am on a mission to Fuck all the neighborhood boys, get every single one of their cocks in my mouth, and addicted to Granny Gladys! They’ll never leave me, until they grow up like my boys did, and I have to move on to their little brothers!

I am always ready to help you get that hard cock even harder, and even more ready to help you cum. Now don’t take it wrong because I will never rush you to cum, I will make sure I say all the right things to get you to your ultimate climax – don’t you worry my dear. Like I tell every man or boy I talk to, it’s destiny you called me because it’s guaranteed I can make you cum somehow babe. I’ll do whatever you want, I have no taboos, no regrets and I will always have time for you now that my babies have left my nest leaving me no choice but to look for my fun and pleasures on my own!

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