About Me

Something wicked this way cums, and you can’t hardly imagine the raw intensity that I will unleash upon you. My name is Elle, and I am the epitome of a seductively sadistic fuck whore. I want you to think of your darkest most twisted fantasy, now go a little further….. that’s my deviant desire for your pathetically repressed and hungry cock.

Doesn’t your body ache to be manipulated and coerced into doing anything a psychotic nympho like me desires, of course it does. Don’t suppress those unspeakably evil fantasies you keep locked in the back of your mind. Let’s fulfill your need to violate some deliciously unsuspecting innocent in the most vicious and unimaginable torture session. Can’t you just see the look of sheer terror in their eyes, hear the screams for mercy and taste the bittersweet, warm and fresh blood you’ll lick off your lips? Mmm, the very thought of it makes my mouth and little snatch water.

Soon you’ll find yourself going to such dark places you never let yourself even imagine, and now we’ll go even harder. There’s no turning back now is there, because now you can’t stop can you; and isn’t it fucking delicious!!!

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