About Me

You think chubby chicks can’t please a man? Let me tell you, baby wait till you get with Delta. If you have the cock to make it worth my while, I’ll milk you dry. I’m rude and crude and I’m gonna get my nut, even if I leave you behind.

Think you can handle me? I like being the bitch in charge. I give the orders and if you are too slow, I may just Fuck you myself. I always did like a good, submissive little ass slut who I can trap between my thunder thighs. I’d tie him up good in my massive silk panties and force him to be my sex slave. He’d be yelling “No, Delta. Don’t!!!” before I’d plop my wide ass right on his face and give him a taste of my pussy. He’d be lapping like a dog, begging to dip his cock in my honey pot, and ride my rolls.

So, come on lover, rub your fuckrod all over this big Buddha belly. I’m like a genie. Rub me right and I’ll make your wishes all cum true.

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