About Me

Dirty phone sex is what I am good at delivering. I have been in the adult business all my life, even before I was the proper age. I had a great fake ID so no one questioned my age. I ran away from home as a teen, met a great man who got me into stripping, porn and escorting. I made a lot of money that I was allowed to keep. I sort of settled down a decade later. Married a wealthy much older man and bore him 6 brats: 4 beautiful little whores and 2 little studs. My little brood is still young, but I whore them out, even the boys. Little boy ass is in high demand, but so is very young, tender cunny. I still strip, escort and do porn on occasion, but so do all 6 of my young offspring. They are the money makers in this family now.

I have access to other young ones too as my step daughter has an in home day care and my BFF, a former stripper, is a school teacher. My BFF was a daddy’s slut like me, so she understands little ones need to please their elders! Of course, I play with all the little ones too. They need to learn how to be great whores. No better teacher than mommy when it comes to fucking. Plus, I am the madam of my little brothel; I want obedient brats who pleasure mommy when I snap my fingers. I am a domme mommy with no limits or taboos. Regardless if you are a P man, a mama’s boy or a sissy, I bet I am the dirty mom for you.

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