About Me

Bite me, beat me, make me bleed, kinky sex is all I need. I want you to break out the leather and the whips. I want to be flogged until my skin is torn and you can’t even see flesh because of all the blood. I want you to make me your helpless fuck slut. Being your victim is what makes me need your cock more then the air I breathe. I live to be your whore and I know my soul purpose in life is to be used and abused by the men in my life. Invite your friends and fulfill you’re rape fantasies. Let them all take a turn at your little slut. You know you get off on watching them ram their dicks down my throat until I puke from gagging. You know you love to see me writhe in pain as the crack of the whip makes contact with my tender flesh. You enjoy the fact that as I cry out in pain you can see my pussy convulsing and spewing cum that I can’t hold back. Knowing you can dominate me and cause me pain, knowing you can pass me around and there is nothing I can do about it makes your cock rock hard. You’re the man in control and you decide when enough is enough. My crying does nothing but spur you on because my cunt betrays my pleas for you to stop.

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