About Me

My name is Angelique and I would love to have a naughty sex with you. To get ready first I will put on my best, sexiest lingerie, along with a pair of stiletto fuck me pumps. I am nasty and naughty, and I expect you to treat me that way, the dirtier the better. Curves are a big part of my resume, I have lots of them and I want a man that knows how to handle them.

If you’re a man who likes his steak thick and juicy then you will love me and my titanic tits. They are more than just a handful or a mouthful, they are mammoth in size and taste great. Picture yourself sucking on my big round nipples, the harder they get the harder you will get. Then you can rub lotion all over my chest, and stick your dong in the middle and squeeze my tits around your dick and balls. As you thrust your cock in and out of my oiled tits, you will reach the point of orgasm and blow your sticky cum all over my tits, neck and face. We will both be able to hear our moans of pleasure as I spread my legs and you get your first look at my slick, glistening pussy.

Your tongue could make a permanent home in my ass, while you rub my clit and then it’ll be my turn to cum all over your face. As I scream you will feel like you are drowning in my juices, that’s why they call me Voluptuous Angelique. Round two would start out with you ramming your dick into me hard and deep. In my ass or cunt, I don’t care which, I love it all. Every inch of you will be inside me and when you blow, I will be full to the max, and you on the other hand will be totally empty.

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