About Me

Hello, my name is Alison. I am in my late 30’s, divorced and a mother to my teenage daughter. I guess you would call me a MILF. In a way my daughter and I are a bit alike. Her hormones are raging and mine are completely out of control.

I came home from work early last year and heard some noise coming from my daughters bedroom. I went to the kitchen, made some noise and a minute later they both appeared. Jimmy with his hard as a rock erection and my daughter Dakota clearly flush with her excited nipples.
That night I went to bed and couldn’t take my mind off Jimmy. I imagined what his hard cock looked like and how sweet his young sperm would be in my mouth. Let me tell you, I had a hard core finger fuck session that left my sheets soaked.

The next morning I talked to my Dakota and confessed to what I had seen. I told her it was natural to be with a boy that way and suggested she learn to masturbate so she isn’t tempted to have his dick cum inside her. Dakota admitted she had been self pleasuring herself for years and watched me fuck many of my boyfriends while doing so. Dakota also confessed that she saw me peak through her door and was very excited knowing I was watching her.

That night after I went to bed, I got my favorite vibrator and played with myself. The door was cracked open and I saw Dakota watching me. I came hard and fast. A bit later on I heard the orgasmic moans of my daughter enjoying what she had just seen.

Give this horny MILF a call, I cant wait to have you be with me!

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