About Our Service:

Mystic Blue Legacy is an adults only (18+) fantasy phone sex service that provides phone sex services for entertainment purposes only. We offer dispatched and direct connect phone calls, billed via your credit card

2257 Compliance:

We maintain all necessary records to be 2257 compliant as is required by United States Law. Visit our 2257 compliance statement page for all applicable information.

Pricing Information:

Our rates are $2.00 per minute with a 10 minute minimum for U.S. based callers, and $3.50 per minute with a 10 minute minimum for International callers. $2.50 per minute for text or Skype callers.

We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover debit, credit, & prepaid gift cards.

Refund Policy:

Mystic Blue Legacy does NOT offer refunds due to the nature of this service. Contacting us is your responsibility if you have a complaint and we will work with you to resolve the issue to everyone’s satisfaction. Refunds are only given in instances where you have been overcharged. Contact us immediately via telephone at 1-(866) 296-5881 to resolve all billing and refund issues.

Privacy Policy:

Mystic Blue Legacy and all operators maintain strict customer confidentiality, and we are aggressive in our protection of your personal information. Confidentiality with regards to all transactions & interactions is guaranteed. Your contact and/or billing information will never be distributed or sold. We will never mail anything to your residence. We will never contact you unsolicited. We will not share any information obtained throughout our client/service interaction.

If you attempt to defraud Mystic Blue Legacy all rights to confidentiality are waived. Your information can and will be used for the following purposes and without limitation: collection purposes, investigative purposes, supplied to the proper authorities, and shared with businesses similar in nature and services to prevent the continuation of fraudulent behavior.

If we are required by law to provide your information to a law enforcement agency as part of an investigation regarding your actions, we will adhere to those requirements and provide all requested information.

Dispute Policy:

If an unauthorized or disputed Mystic Blue Legacy charge appears on your credit card statement, or you feel there is a billing error, please contact customer service via e-mail at mysticbluelegacy@gmail.com immediately so your dispute can be investigated and resolved to a point of mutual satisfaction. 

If you choose to dispute via your credit card company before contacting us, your account information will be forwarded directly to collections, and debt collection will be initiated through any and all legal channels. 

Disputing fraudulently will result in a waiver of the rights outlined in both our privacy policy and our dispute policy. We will also contact your local law enforcement with any and all information we obtain. 

Contact Information & Customer Service:

We operate a 24/7 365 customer service telephone line at 1-(866) 296-5881 any questions, comments, and feedback you may have regarding our service. You may also contact us via e-mail at mysticbluelegacy@gmail.com.

Thank You:

We appreciate your business, and truly thank you for choosing Mystic Blue Legacy! We deliver discreet and quality adult entertainment for all of our callers.